Summer in the office: 6 Fashion Tips for hot business days Part3

3.Avoid anything that looks too feminine, sexy or pushy!

Of course, you should feel and dress female in the job, if that’s your style. But here it comes weigh when too much female Schischi or even sexiness of your career is detrimental. Especially in the summer many dresses ruffles, flounces, long flowing skirts, lace, sheer fabrics and eye-catching floral patterns are offered, have. A general rule there is not, but I would advise you to just give up everything too much and uncontrollably moved or strums, which is plenty to be found in the lingerie department or female children’s clothing and what attention from your head to much distraction.

The same goes for jewelry and accessories. Then you are on the safe side. And if it then but once the conspicuous flowers decor or color must be bang, then pour these substances in very classic, strict cuts and combine them with neutral colors – and everything is quite tame…

4. Airy light dresses, skirts and blouses belong to the first-aid box of summer business attire

If you keep everything covered, but this will create structure and to avoid accumulation of heat, light dresses, skirts and blouses are your best choice. Especially some clothes classic worthwhile in summer: The right figure-hugging sheath dress, you can supplement with a more airy shirt dress, a wrap dress or an A -line dress. To do this, choose a cut that flatters your figure type. With the right arm length, an advantageous neckline and a matching skirt for you shape and length you have already won.

The same applies to the timeless classic pencil skirt. You can use in the summer with lighter fabrics, lighter colors or patterns. Or access to the airy alternatives : The A-line skirt, straight skirt with pleat front, the light flared skirt, the skirt with godet pleats, which bayed at the waist skirt or wrap skirt. Also blouses may be more casual in the summer and be worn loosely falling over slim trousers or skirts.

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