Summer in the office: 6 Fashion Tips for hot business days Part2

2. Make sure that your clothes though looser, but is still structured!

Structure is the alpha and omega of business attire. Even if it is more convenient in the summer that the substance falls a little looser on the body, it should not come at the expense of shape and cut it. Details that give a garment structure, for example, shirt collar with bar, lapel collar, light shoulder pad or shoulder yokes, breast and flap pockets, princess seams, bust darts, other dividing seams, plackets, facings, cuffs, carefully defined and placed pleats or draping, one being set shaped waistband, forming rock railways and more.

Often there are properties that were taken out of men’s fashion that make a garment business -ready. Also look at loose clothing to such details and you will always be “dressed” act.

And one more tip for delicate subject of sweating : White and black are the colors on which sweat stains are the least visible. But small contrasting patterns distract from wet spots. With colored clothing will help protective pads that are pastes onto the clothing of the poor and to buy in any drug store. The problem : On some fabrics will leave ugly marks sweat, which can not be removed with the cleaning.

Not to mention the fact that the smell of sweat from many materials does not disappear by chemical cleaning. Pay particular in summer clothing that you can wash the clothes – even if only with the elaborate hand washing.

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